Island Study I

An electronic journey inspired by field recordings of nature, exploring various styles including tropical, Bollywood, techno & ambient, with heavy 80’s & 90’s influences.

Nevin's newest album was inspired by the island of Kauai, containing field recordings from the rainforest in Kapa’a. These environmental recordings include endangered species. Half of all album proceeds will help to fund endangered species and their habitats.


Nevin S. Hersch is a composer/producer, DJ and sound designer residing in Chicago. Beginning classical piano training at the age of 4, and composition for piano and synthesizer at 8, Nevin has been focused on music for most of his life. He studied at DePaul University and Columbia College Chicago, where he received a BA in Sound for Film. Having worked at studios for TV and radio commercials as well as dance music production, he’s become adept at recording, producing, engineering, mixing and mastering various styes of music and sound design. He has created music and sound design for national TV and radio commercials and programs such as Foot Locker and The Oprah Winfrey Show. His music has been licensed to several independent films, and he’s composed for contemporary dance performances that have been performed worldwide.

Nevin has been a professional club DJ for over 10 years, and holds a Saturday night residency at Berlin Nightclub in Chicago. His style pulls from a wide range of genres, including new and classic pop, hip-hop, R&B, house, disco, techno, electro, indie, rock, new wave, funk, soul, Bollywood, African, Latinx and other dance music from around the world. He has DJed and performed at venues and festivals such as Pride Fest, Market Days, Midsommarfest, Pride North, The Hyatt Regency, The Intercontinental, MileNorth Hotel, River East Arts Center, Hugo Boss, Smart Bar, Beauty Bar, The Hideout, The Burlington, Big Chicks, Progress, Splash, Hydrate, Jackhammer, Late Bar, Mary’s Attic, as well as various corporate events and weddings, one of which was filmed on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Nevin has produced 2 albums under the name Voxbox, highlighting a darker side of his electronic music. After finishing his first album under his own name, he’s currently working on his new album Las Americas, partially funded by the DCASE Grant (City of Chicago), and will feature his field recordings captured in North & South America. Nevin’s goal is to continue traveling the world, recording the sounds of endangered species, and creating music inspired by, and containing, those recordings and experiences.

Voxbox Album


A synth odyssey layered with sound design, forming complex electronic environments including a robotic factory, a haunted sea voyage and an epic journey through a creature-ridden forest.

Voxbox Album 1


Inspired by his early influences in Kraftwerk, Yaz and Depeche Mode, Nevin’s debut Voxbox explores electro, techno and industrial vibes, laden with retro nostalgia & layered with interesting sound design.

WGN interview: island study i release

Nevin performs live with percussionisrt Meg Thomas & is interviewed by Richard Roeper on WGN Radio Chicago

Voxbox video

Filmed by Pillbox 79 Productions, this Voxbox music video highlights dark and beautiful imagery, from haunting vignettes to enchanted landscapes.

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