Future Sounds

Soundscapes in Pandemia-

You’ll be taken on 13 different environmental explorations from the bird & car sounds heard on the street in which he grew up, to the curious sounds of frogs, owls, cicadas, seagulls, waves crashing, ice crunching and a trip back to prehistory when birds were the size of mammals. This is just as much an album & an art piece as it is an abstract instruction manual to learn mindfulness and meditation. Nevin’s music is meant to inspire curiosity and help others fall in love with any given moment they spend in nature, helping others to see sound as a grounding force that can help anyone experience our universal connection to the natural world and each other.

The Woodpecker Suite-

4 tracks all based on & inspired by a long form field recording featuring a woodpecker and other birds. A forest adventure from the woodpecker’s point of view, a dark romantic lullaby that hatched an egg, a 15 minute meditation and a trip to the edge of the cosmos.

Las Américas-

Spanning half a decade, this album contains nature & soundscapes Nevin recorded in Ecuador, Peru, Belize, and all over the United States. From tribal to ambient, this work showcases Nevin’s diverse palette of sound. It contains collaborations with Meg Thomas, percussionist, JC Brooks, vocalist, and Rahul Sharma, sitar player and vocalist.